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Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS)

On 1st September 2010, Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test was replaced by QLTS (Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme) and provides a way to the qualification as solicitor of Wales and England to the lawyers from broad range of the justifications. SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) has appointed Kaplan QLTS as an assessment firm for first 3 years of operation of assessments: Since January 2014, the examination structure has been currently changed. Old TLTS now has been combined with OSCE and becoming two part exam.

Kaplan QLTS that administers and sets these exams has provided very important information on the following website link and we recommended prospective candidates and tutees to visit it.

Kaplan QLTS, a QLTS assessments giver, isn`t permitted to provide preparatory trainings for QLTS Assessments.


OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) and MCT (Multiple Choice Tests) are two parts of QLTS assessment. Passing QLTS assessment requires the candidates to must pass OSCE and MCT both parts within validity period of 5 years of their Certificates of Eligibility. Within this validity period of 5 years, each candidate is given with maximum three attempts at OSCE and MCT. It is necessary for candidates to pass MCT prior to enrolling for OSCE.



Transitional Provisions

Slight changes will be introduced in QLTS assessment system from the January 2014 but MCT will not be modified. However, TLST and OSCE will be merged together in single assessment called OSCE.

Transitional provision will be applied to you if you have attended minimum one QLTS assessment prior to January 2014.

Candidates if successfully passed MCT prior to January 2014however not old TLST or OSCE will be necessarily sit new OSCE (parts one and two) in its totality. They will have to pay fee for new OSCE.

On other hand, the candidates who sat and passed old OSCE prior to January 2014 but not have passed TLST will necessarily sit only part 2 of new OSCE and have to pay fee only for old TLST. Candidates sat as well as passed TLST prior to January 2014 but failed to pass old OSCE would sit only part 1 of new OSCE.

What we have for QLTS students

As market leader in tutoring the legal skills development we offer following:

  • We offer you dedicated tutoring support to make sure that you pass through all these exams.

After getting registration with SRA, our experienced and dedicated tutors, who tutor and teach QLTS, BPTC, LPC and professional of all levels, will provide you all possible assistance.

  • Our professionals have better understanding of the different needs of international professionals, particularly legal linguistic skill.
    It is regarded to drafting, oral and writing skills, for instance, interviewing and advocacy skills that are difficult for many candidates to achieve particularly when linguistic skills are poor. We assist you in acquiring all these skills by providing proper coaching for this purpose.
  • We tutor one to one for 1 and 2 parts of such exams.
    In this regard you will get personal and individual help and treatment that you require to pass all these exams. Our tutors and professional lawyers will assist you in achieving your complete potential, and will support you in efficiently and rapidly functioning in this particular jurisdiction.
  • In Wales and England, we use knowledge and our expertise as the practitioners:
    Though passing MCT as core subject is necessary for you but getting deeper understanding of skills is more essential for you if you want to move forward from MCTs to later on OSCEs. We know very well this need of mastering in knowledge of core subjects thus we prepare and drill candidates with techniques and skills even at the end of part 1, so that they can apply and use these techniques and skills in interviewing, advocacy and research in part 2. We strongly present all core subjects across board throughout 11 outcomes in part 1 that should be passed prior to moving forward to part 2 (recently has been combined with part III).
  • We use set of structured practices and drilled issue resolving methods in writing letters, proofs, memoranda and drafts as the solicitors are likely to do.
  • The Legal drafting and writing, with focus on bettergrammatical structures.
  • We offer programmes especially for those who are not English speakers.
  • There are workshops, one-to-one practice of the legal skills and role-play in interviewing and advocacy as well as in all core fields of the objective structured practice skills and clinical examination both.
  • our assistance will support you in acquiring necessary drafting and writing skills in following areas in term of practice:-
    • Property
    • Probate
    • Criminal and Civil Litigation
    • Business /Corporate

We offer to students every possible support regarding to achieve their goals, knowing well that great investments have been made at this particular stage in career selection that simply cannot afford any failure. We observe that students are different in their needs particularly in this area and thus strongly recommended to candidates to help their personal interviews to identify their own needs.

QLTS Related Helpful Information

 QLTS Assessments

The purpose of QLTS assessment is to test the candidates on Day One Outcomes of SRA. The “Day One Outcomes” are outcomes that all solicitors who qualify through domestic route are expected to achieve at the time when they`re admitted as solicitor of Wales and England.

Following are two parts of QLTS assessments:

Part 1 Multiple Choice Test (MCT)

The part 1 comprises of multiple choice test (MCT) that is designed to test the Day One Outcome A. It is necessary for Candidates to pass part 1 before moving forward to part 2 and 3. MCT comprises of 180 questions over six hours and cover outcomes A1 to A11

Day One Outcomes A1 to A11:

Part II Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) Part 1 and 2 will be examined now as follow:-

Assessments: OSCE Part I
Assessments: OSCE Part II

OSCE examines and tests the Outcomes C, D & F of Day One Outcomes of SRA. Candidates are tested in three practice fields of:

  • Probate and property
  • Criminal and Civil Litigation
  • Business

In all these practice fields, the candidates once do all following exercises:

  • Legal drafting
  • Legal writing
  • Legal research
  • Completion of case analysis or attendance note and client interview

Overall the candidates undertake fifteen assessed exercises:  five in Probate and Property, five in Business and five in Criminal and Civil Litigation.

Apply to the SRA for Certificate of the Eligibility

The SRA will inform you if you have been granted exemptions from any part(s) of the QLTS Assessment(s).

Applications forms can be downloaded from website of SRA. You have to pay fee to SRA along with your application-form for Certificate of Eligibility. Current rates can be obtained by contacting with SRA.

Register for QLTS Assessments along with the Kaplan QLTS

Information regarding the registration for QLTS Assessment is available on Kaplan`s website.

Please contact the Kaplan QLTS for getting detail information about current fee rates for sitting QLTS Assessments.