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Oral Expression Skills

All law students know that confidence in the oral expression is most valuable, important and core component of a profession either it is an advocate, teacher, working in a business, an industry or in law firm.

Good oral expression is central element of sound communication skills and is central focus in lawyer`s career. Effective communication with confidence is very important, if you cannot explain properly then it does not matters what you know, this imparts to person who pays you fairly for your services.

For this, we offer special courses that we recommend especially for the foreign students; here we work on one-to-one basis with you. Case studies, presenting cases, role play debate/argue and many other drills are used in this regard and could be included in any kind of tutorial session.

We always adopt job accomplishment approach in such an environment where our students are at ease and feel relaxed in teaching environment. Our highly trained and practiced senior tutors usually take these courses.


We hold small group-workshops (two to five days) and special seminars on all such skills throughout the term as well as for two weeks in the summer season and encourage the attendance of all of our students in them.

Your own Tutor will perfectly know your personal requirements and you will feel relaxed to discuss with him or her. Your personal Tutor will update you, with a good notice, of time and dates of any seminar or workshop relevant to you, if your tutor feel it benefited for you.