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Masters of Laws (LLM)

The major postgraduate level law degree is BCL or LL.M. LL.M varies as it not includes the core modules. Selection of subject area for specialization is totally student preference. For this, students have wide range of selection for specialization. Core area in LL.M is the submission of 15,000 words dissertation at completion of course that runs during September-May.

What we offer our LLM students

Whatever is the specialization; our experienced and dedicated staffs run and directthe tutoring session of this particular course.

We know that it is very costly career qualification that leads to rewarding career opportunitiesin highly skilled and paid professional areas. Failure in this ruins numerous students.

We allocate appropriate tutor to each student based on the area of their specialization and field of their working, in practice or academically or both. This is very valuable to all students as we observe that the students who contact us may feel disillusioned and may have previously failed in the exams because though competent tutors taught them but had no or insufficient practical experience in particular area of the study.

We supervise dissertation of each student individually which they have to generate at the completion of their course work. We also try to help the students in all possible ways to ensure 100% success of our tuition.

We support following list of non-exclusive LLM modules: