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Legal Writing Skills

Another important factor that ensures the success of a law student, a lawyer and later on professional career of law student is sound writing skill.

Similar to oral skills, writing skill is also taught in the small groups or at one-to-one level. We pay high attention to this area because it may result in failure or success at early stages in career of law students. If examiners fail to understand, it results in lower marks or even failure than perhaps the students deserved if they had had good writing skills.

Our expert Tutors are highly vigilant and are responsible to help at all levels including development of this particular skill.

To improve students` writing skills, the tutors should test their work. Both for general and highly specialized courses such as prospective barristers and especially solicitors, we have particular tutorials, small groups or one-to-one, dealing with drafting of the documents:Skeleton Arguments, Legal OpinionsPleadings and generally the drafting of legal memoranda.

Our experienced practitioners and best advocates assist you at all levels.


We hold small group-workshops (two to five days) and special seminars on all such skills throughout the term as well as for two weeks in the summer season and encourage the attendance of all of our students in them.Your own Tutor will perfectly know your personal requirements and you will feel relaxed to discuss with him or her. Your personal Tutor will update you, with a good notice, of time and dates of any seminar or workshop relevant to you, if your tutor feel it benefited for you.