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Exam Preparation and Revision Courses

FB Solutions offer revision courses in small groups for LDC and LLB courses in addition to one-to-one tutoring sessions in this regard.

These tutoring sessions and revision courses are meant to help you in securing higher grades and our FB Solutions Tutors (in law) are just trying to do that.

At this particular level, all of the legal subjects require the students to have the ability of approaching the situations and problems and in logical fashion. We offer disciplined framework to the students where they can progress as well as show their capacity and grasp regarding pertinent legal problems.

For this purpose, students must be able to successfully answer all legal issue related questions, firstly by showing their ability of identifying area of the law, secondly to display the accurate understanding through logical and rigorous analysis as how facts related to any presented question fits into this area of the law, either its is Land law, Constitutional law etc.

Therefore to students, we introduce all Law related reports and Journals from all Law categories. Our Tutors provide them wide range of the research resources. We concentrate on issue resolving strategies in preparation of the exam both in one-to-one and in groups.

At the completion of our each 20hours tutored course, we expect that our students have become able to properly demonstrate some abilities in core subjects.

In order to demonstrate the better understanding of key principles in all or any of these law area(s) (Tort law, Land law etc), we advice the students to acquire the ability of thinking in abstract and logical manner, to rapidly extract and explore relevant and irrelevant facts and to synthesise related policy issues and materials.


FB Solutions hold small group-workshops (two to five days) and special seminars on all such skills throughout the term as well as for two weeks in the summer season and encourage the attendance of all of our students in them. Your own Tutor will perfectly know your personal requirements and you will feel relaxed to discuss with him or her. Your personal Tutor will update you, with a good notice, of time and dates of any seminar or workshop relevant to you, if your tutor feel it benefited for you.

Our tutors will feel pleasure to discuss with you your personal problems and needs without any cost.