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Transforming Lives, Achieving Education Dreams


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Career Development

You have done well if you have planned ahead to ensure obtaining much from your costly legal qualification. We wish to know your future planning and your very next step. A played imaginary video will be not enough for you but you require meaningful and deep discussion with some trained professionals to ask the question and get accurate answers and properly advised.

You need appropriate professional help to train you and to maximise possibilities of your goals and ambitions. 

Whether you are planning to practice as Solicitor or Barrister in some top firms or in-house, or simply want to attend a valuable interview for job, pupillage or for training, or want to register to complete your postgraduate degree, you will certainly need sound and meaningful professional career advices from some experts to assist you in securing best possibilities to realise your complete potential. This is highly competitive and most probably you will get only single shot at securing that required post.

We are market leaders in professional legal tutoring field, so we can accurately and quickly assess your full potential and direct and drive your focus to areas you should present and develop, so that you can maximize the possibilities of realising your ambitions.

We provide highly confidential and strictly personal services that include:

  • Mock Interviews: Provided for training interviews, pupillage and all fields of the legal jobs
  • Evaluation and testing: Our expert psychologists provide clear advice after conducting ability assessment and personally testing if necessary.
  • Professional Advices on practice: Our top flight Solicitors and Barristers arrange meeting with you where you can speak in informal and relaxed mod. Whether your questions are complex or simple they will answer you and advice you properly. Questions can be any of following


  • Funding
  • Qualifying
  • Training Contracts
  • Recruitment
  • Alternative Careers
  • Inns of the Court
  • Tenancies and Pupillages
  • Academic applications: in the consideration of Postgraduate studies, we provide guidance and help where needed

All of the applications with the formal interviews: We answer all of your questions conducted by our best academics.